Landover BBS

Welcome to the only BBS running BBS-PC! 4.20 for the IBM PC/XT/AT and clones!.

You can log in to the BBS via your favourite Telnet terminal program at, plain Telnet (not SSH) and the port number is 23.
Our small collection of BBS-PC! related files is here.
You can log in via web-based Telnet client here.
If you have any BBS-PC! related files please contact me.
We have a Facebook page that you can join.

BBS-PC! was an early bulletin board system authored by Steven Pagliarulo and published by Micro-Systems Software, Inc.

BBS-PC! was descended from an earlier package written in BASIC for the TRS-80 called "BBS-80", this was available for the TRS-80 Models I & II in 1982.

It is likely that this in turn was descended from an even earlier package by the same author called MICRO-80 - the final release (2.0) was in 1982 and some of the "look and feel" of BBS-PC! can be seen in it.

Anecdotally, version 1.x was available probably after 1982, it was described as fairly expensive and very buggy.The manual references version 3.04, but doesn't mention the year of release, next was version 4.00 in 1985, 4.03 was released in 1986; this appears to be one of the earliest releases for the Amiga (if not the first) and may have only been released for the Amiga as no mention is made in the manual of the PC version.

4.13 released in 1986 and was available for both the PC and Commodore Amiga - both versions were functionally identical but the Amiga version couldn't spawn external programs or doors. The Amiga release was fairly buggy as well

The final release was 4.20 in 1987 for both the PC and Amiga, development ceased after this.

As well as the PC and Amiga releases, there was also a version of 4.20 that was compiled for use on the Tandy 2000 (a sort-of IBM compatible), a two node version that required DoubleDos and a 99 node version that ran on a local LAN.

This iteration of the BBS is available via Telnet and runs under DOSBox-X, it is (at the moment) quite basic and is running as a "proof of concept". In the future I'll expand the menus and add external programs (doors). As file transfers are unlikely to ever work correctly within the BBS (under Telnet), the small file catalogue of BBS-PC! related items will be made available here on the website.

The software has limitations - although it was advanced for the time, by 1990 it was well and truly out-classed - this applies in spades when compared to modern BBS packages such as Sychronet.

If you are looking for a modern BBS - you may as well hang up now - this 36 year old software is positively stone age! We're up and running for nostalgia purposes only!


Maximum of 9,999 messages in the system
Maximum of 9,999 users
Message size is a maximum of 2kb - that's 2,048 characters
No full screen message editor - line editor only although it can format messages (reasonably) nicely
Y2K - the dates are broken and will look plain odd
Bugs - possibly (I never found any) - if there are any, they'll never get fixed - the source code is long lost! (I asked about 20 years ago for it).

The author is still around - for the last 25 years or so he's run a vintage clothing and book shop in Montana, USA (Loose Moose).